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Pre-Winter Baseball Clinics

Pre-Winter Baseball Clinics
The clinics run once a week for 8 weeks, starting the week of October 16th. Please read the clinics descriptions below. We offer the clinics in different age groups and multiple times/dates. Start your registration below and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Clinic Descriptions:
Throwing Mechanics & Intro to Pitching (Ages 8 & 9)- A true necessity for all young players! We will work on the art of throwing and mastering playing catch with a lead into basic pitching techniques and becoming comfortable throwing from the mound. $250
Pitching (Ages 10 – 12)- This group is geared toward little league diamond and 50/70 pitchers; We will work on throwing and pitching consistency while working to develop mechanics including balance, arm slot and leg drive. This class will also feature work on locating the fastball and introducing the change-up as a secondary pitch. $275
Pitching (Ages 13 – 16)- This session will focus on building strong mechanics on the big-diamond mound as pitchers will work on utilizing their lower-half in the wind-up and stretch positions. Specific attention will be paid to pitch location and development of secondary pitches, specifically change-up and breaking pitches. $275
Hitting (Ages 7-9): Players will learn and practice a proper batting stance, bat slot and hip turn while gaining confidence as hitters. $250
Hitting (Ages 10-12): Players will review proper batting stance, bat slot and hip turn and learn how to use their legs through the swing and develop proper timing techniques off of live pitching. $285
Hitting (Ages 13-15): This group will focus on balance within the hitting stance, lower half techniques to maximize power, timing, and reading/reacting to off-speed pitches. $295
Hitting (Ages 16+): This group will fine-tune and review advanced hitting mechanics as well develop proficiency in hitting secondary/off speed pitches, situational hitting and hitting to all parts of the field. $295