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Golf Experience

Anchor Sports is offering a true golf practice experience. We feature two golf hitting bays each with Skytrak launch monitors and the best hitting mats in the industry. Our goal is to provide the golfer a dedicated space to practice every club in their bag. The space will be available on a reservation basis, allowing the golfer to book a 1-hour individual practice session or longer based on the availability and the desire for a longer practice session.     

golf bay 1

The Golf Experience at Anchor Sports is a place for the golfer of any level to practice every club in their bag and improve! The Golf Channel is always on and the environment is golf centric, yeah its all about golf in here! Currently we offer two Golf Bays which have Skytrak launch monitors and E6 CONNECT, professional (best in the industry) hitting mats, touch screen tablets with 50 inch viewing monitors. There is a lobby with golf merchandise, practice putting green and a place to sit if your a few minutes early for your hitting session. 

The Skytrak Launch monitor menus are easy to navigate and use, and we have posted instructions to help you along. We want you to get the most out of your practice experience. 

There are 3 modes; Practice, Challenge and Improve. Skytrak’s realistic practice range allows you to practice away from the course, get immediate feedback on distance, carry, roll, ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side angle and more. Enhance your game with single-or multi-player challenges. From closest to the pin to target challenges to long drive competitions. Improve your game with skills assessment to identify your strengths, weaknesses and dispersion. Use bag mapping to know your club distances and select the right club on the course.


The first video is a great overview of what Skytrak offers in the Practice Range mode. The second video will show you how accurate Skytrak is vs. Trackman.

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Play Video

The Practice Range – Get the Most Out of Your Session.


On the SkyTrak practice range, you will get all the data you need to take charge of your game.

How are you using the SkyTrak Practice Range? Keep reading to get the most our of your SkyTrak sessions.


On the SkyTrak Practice Range, you will get all the data you need to take charge of your game. From ball speed, side angle, backspin, side spin, launch angle, and a calculated club speed, you will have the same data the pros use to fine tune their game. On the main screen on the driving range, there are two tabs that grants you access to some changeable features.


Playing In The Wind


On the left side of the screen (under distance), you will see a Practice Area setting. To access these features, you must be signed into your SkyTrak account. Once you click on Practice Area, you will be able to gain access to the Practice Greens and Practice Fairway feature.

Playing In The Wind

From here you will be able to give your green or fairway a desired shape and difficulty. The harder the setting, the more you will need to focus in your practice sessions. At the bottom of the screen, you have access to the Randomizer feature that allows you to simulate shots you will see on the course. The Practice Green feature is one of my favorites that I use. I used to go for every pin regardless of the trouble. That would get me into some tough up and down situations. When I started using the Practice Green feature I started aiming for the middle of the green and I noticed out on the course my GIR per round went up significantly. If you are looking for more ways to use the Practice Green/Fairway feature, Top 100 Instructor Joe Hallett shows us how to get the most out of these features.


Playing In The Wind


The second tab is the menu icon in the upper right – this is where you can adjust the Practice Settings.

In the Settings tab, you have the ability to change the camera angle and the number of tracer shots. You can change the elevation, wind speed and direction. It’s fun to see how much wind can affect the shot shape, distance, and shot dispersion.

Take advantage of these features and start hitting more greens!